Smart Solutions for Adhesive Application in Industrial Processes

Intelligent mixing and dosing systems
that improve quality, reduce waste and production costs.

Tanoujo offers innovative and influential dosing and mixing systems adapted to the processing and application requirements of today’s industrial standard. An extensive portfolio ranges from manual applications to automated bonding and joining processes with process stability that is guaranteed for optimum product quality. This means an optimal mixing ratio and precise dosage in terms of shape, volume and position. There are no excessive amounts of mixed adhesive and less waste because mixing is done at precisely the right time in the right volume.


Dosing technology for your market Tailor-made solutions for perfect results.

Tanoujo is the reliable and competent partner for all questions related to dosing and mixing technology adhesive mix. Tanoujo systems and components are used to process and apply 1K, 2K, or 3K in a wide variety of industries. Tanoujo’s high-quality standards guarantee maximum precision and repeatability of the results – also in highly automated processes.


Glue more capacity and quality to your panels, frames, facades, window frames and roof parts.

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Glue your vehicle elements to a consistent and reliable quality standard.

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Pour a maintenance-free operation into your electronics and LED lighting.

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Intelligent solutions
in automatic dispensing of adhesives.

Our solutions for dispensing adhesives and sealants make innovations possible. The current trend shows that users are placing increasingly higher demands on the design of devices and increased demands on functionality. Home appliance manufacturers are turning even more to innovative production technologies and new material combinations to meet this challenge. Particularly in connection technology, manual work is increasingly being replaced by fully or partially automated systems. TANOUJO’s dosing and mixing systems apply your glue or sealant with maximum precision and guarantee the optimum result.

TANOUJO stands for expertise in the application of adhesives and sealants. Our expertise guarantees an optimal mixing ratio, high volume per minute, and your liquid’s application in the right place in the right volume. The result is an optimal end product. No excess amounts of mixed liquid and less waste because mixing is done at precisely the right time in the right volume. And you save the use of aggressive rinsing and cleaning agents.


Automatic dosing and mixing of 1, 2 or 3 components glue.

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Automated adhesive application to your vacuum tables.

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Automatically adjust, mix and apply your adhesive ratio.

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Increase production and reduce costs
with a custom system.

Switching from a manual process to a fully automatic system can be a huge step. When choosing the right equipment, several factors are essential, including the type of glue, the size of the product to be glued, the method of production.

Applying an adhesive requires a perfect match between adhesive and application equipment. Tanoujo can advise you to find the right match between the right equipment and your adhesive application.
Increasing production and reducing costs is what Tanoujo can provide for you.

We are experts in designing suitable dosing systems. Due to the modular design of our machines, we can deliver a system precisely tailored to your needs. The adhesive systems can be used in various industry branches such as panel building & construction, electronics and the filter industry.

Tanoujo supplies dosing machines to dose two or three component adhesives. From manual systems for the sandwich panel industry, for example, to fully automated application systems.