Automated adhesive application to your vacuum tables.

FlexBot: developed for the production of sandwich panels.

Tanoujo has developed an automated adhesive system for the sandwich panel industry. With this system, you can apply glue to your vacuum tables.

The adhesives can be supplied from IBC containers. The adhesives are automatically pumped from the containers to the buffer tanks in the FlexBot-machine. The transport hoses are connected to the machine via a cable guide against the wall, clear of the floor. The cable routing also brings the power supply and air supply to the FlexBot-machine. The buffer tanks in the FlexBot-machine are equipped with level sensors. If the adhesive level in the buffer tank falls below the middle level, the tank is automatically filled until the high level is reached. An under-level sensor prevents the pumps from getting glue. The machine is switched off when the bottom level is reached. The buffer tanks make it possible to exchange the IBC tanks without production downtime. The FlexBot-machine is equipped with extremely accurate gear pumps. The gear pumps are driven by AC motors with feedback. The correct output of the gear pumps is checked through the DV-system developed by Tanoujo. During volumetric dosing during production, the correct speed is electronically controlled and thus the yield. During the Pressure mode when the dosing head is closed, the internal leak in the pump is measured. If this leak is outside the specification, it will be reported. The yield can also be checked manually via a special pump test program. all data is stored in a data log.

The mixing ratios – the yield per m2 – is calculated by the PLC.

The FlexBot-machine is equipped with the HV550 mixing gun for applying the adhesive. The 3 different adhesives are supplied separately to the mixing gun. Depending on the ratio between the two A-components and the glue ratio with the B-component, the 3 types of glue are mixed in the static mixer. The mixing ratio between the two A-components can be automatically adjusted during production. The outside temperature and humidity are taken into account and the desired pot life and pressing time are determined. Various mixing tubes are available to be able to mix even the most difficult adhesives. The spreader that distributes the adhesive is connected directly to the mixing tube. This spreader distributes the adhesive in stripes on the panel with a center-to-center distance of 5 mm. With a yield of 250 grams/m2, this gives in most cases a full-surface adhesive image after pressing. Mixing tube and spreader are disposable and can be disposed of with regular waste after production.

All settings required for the correct adhesive output can be entered in the touchscreen. The specific weight of the adhesives, mixing ratios, pump size, regeneration times, settings for the DV-system and all other settings are important.